Abstract Submission

Guidelines & Instructions

Instructions for presentation of Free Papers

1  The date for submitting the free paper/video will be from  15th July to 14th August 2017.
2 The free paper/video submitted online on Rosonline.in will be accepted.
3 Incomplete abstract submission form in any respect will be rejected.
4 Each free paper will be for 6 minutes and a video will be for 8 minutes.
5 One speaker can present only one paper/video in competitive section as the Presenting / Main Author.
6 A speaker who has already received an award in the previous years in a particular category will not be eligible for the same category.
7 Intimation regarding acceptance/rejection of the paper will be emailed only to the Main author by 25th August 2017.
8 If a free paper is accepted for presentation the full text has to be emailed to the Scientific Chairman by 30th August 2017. If the full text is not received by this date the paper will be considered as withdrawn.
9 The video has to be submitted in MP4 format online using our dropbox link or through Video Abstract submission form.
10 No change in the presenting/main author will be made once the paper has been submitted.
11 A paper can be withdrawn any time before one month of the conference date.
12 Failure to present a paper without intimation to the scientific chairman will lead to debarring the Main/presenting author to present a paper for one year.
13 ROS reserves the right to publish and reproduce the free paper/ video in its Journal and proceedings.

Resident Category

1 The resident must be working in an institution located in Rajasthan.
2 The resident must submit a certificate from the head of the institution regarding proof of residency. Free paper submitted without the proof of residency will be rejected.
3 The resident must be a member of ROS. If the resident is not a member he/she should have paid the fees and receipt should be produced.

Young Ophthalmologist / Video

1 Must be a ratified member of ROS.
2 The paper work must have been done in Rajasthan.
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